Tiffany Haddish is a unicorn in real life

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Bridesmaids is one of my all-time favorite comedy movies so when I saw the trailer for Girls Trip, starring Queen Latifah and Jada Pinkett-Smith, I couldn’t help but feel excited, I wanted to see this movie so much. When it came out, I did and one of the characters, Dina, is played by stand-up comedian and even better human, Tiffany Hadish. This girl is a firecracker, she’s extremely funny and carries the movie on her shoulders, all throughout it, you’re waiting to see what the character’s about to do or say.

So it’s only normal that I googled who the actress was, never having seen her before. A quick search told me her name and a book cover also came up, it was a book I had seen before, actually, I had seen it at a bookstore in the New Orleans airport during my winter vacations and so I got the book, interested to know more about her.

The book, titled The Last Black Unicorn, is not only a funny autobiography but it also is a complete journey from Tiffany’s early childhood and rough background through to how she deals with fame and how hard it is for her to allow herself having things.

One thing is certain though, as you’re reading the book, this person never changes one thing, she never stops believing in herself and her dream, doing comedy.

She tells the (very entertaining) story of how she went from school mascot to being the A-lister female comedian she is today, but she remains simple and grounded. This book truly shows, even through the dark parts, that there is something waiting for all of us, say a dream, a project, a goal. Something that we’re meant to do and also shows how hard it is not to give up but the perks behind it.

Beyond the autobiography genre, it stands out because the narration feels like you’re talking to the writer face to face. It is comfy and warm, by the time you’re done you feel as if you’ve just spent three hours having a cup of coffee with her and she feels familiar.

It definitely shows that Tiffany really is a unicorn and deserves the place she’s at now.

If you like this type of book, let me know in the comments below and I’ll do more like this. 🙂

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